Zürich B&Bs: Scandinavian cabins

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A lovely November afternoon in Zürich. The early morning fog burns off and reveals a glistening, bustling city as I drive toward the northern edge of town. I’m on my way to visit Resö and Rossö, two custom made cabin wagons in Scandinavian style red.

I’m instantly charmed as I turn off the main road and find myself driving past the last row houses on what turns into a farm lane. Right next to a forties looking elementary school building you wished you had been able to attend, I’ve clearly arrived. On the juiciest patch of a green meadow, gently sloping towards a hill lies Bullerby, Sven and Line’s farm. With their two daughters Liv and Mia, two cute mini-pigs with irresistible pink noses, seven hens, and cats and sheep – three of each – the family lives on the farm. Their home is a 50ies style two-storey, complete with tree house, pond and fire pit, while the barn is original style dating back to 1873.

Surrounded by more farm land where a herd of tan and black Highland cattle graze in the distance, Sven runs the hobby farm after having retired from corporate life. Line works in the city in her busy job as editor of the home section at Annabelle, a famous Swiss magazine. Of the family, Line is the only one coursing ‘true’ Norse blood in her veins, having grown up in Norway. Sven’s parents fell in love with Scandinavia on their honeymoon, giving all their children Swedish names and the family spent every minute they could camping and fishing in the Swedish wilderness.

And so it is not surprising that Sven and Line created their own piece of Sverige in the backyard of their farm: two Scandinavian style custom wagons fitted with every convenience and comfort, in the Bullerby red of Astrid Lindgreen’s famous farm children story. Line as a home decorating expert has kept the sleek northern design style in perfect balance between functionality and coziness. The windows flood light from every direction and with nature all around, you feel deep in the countryside. The breakfast basket dropped at your doorstep in the morning is sumptuous with breads, jams, cheese and of course farm fresh eggs. The kitchen is furnished with original style Swedish everything and you will delight in cooking meals, then enjoying them on your private porch or in the dining room.

This is an exceptional place to stay at, created with much love, care and thought by special people for special guests that appreciate this gem of an accommodation in wholesome nature. A welcome step back to unwind, relax and enjoy with every comfort in nature, yet at the backdrop of the city. Åtnjuta! For more information or to book, connect with Line through their website: http://www.bullerby.net/.

Have you ever stayed in any wagons similar to these Scandinavian ones during your holiday? If so, share your experience here.

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Additional Information

Bullerby B&B can be reached at http://www.bullerby.net/.

Bullerby Scandinavian Cabins

Bullerby Scandinavian Cabins

Bullerby Scandinavian Cabins


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