A drive around Lake Geneva, by guest writer Sandra Grote

October 25, 2016 — No comments

This September we basked in days of unusually warm summer temperatures and decided to set out for a tour around the Lake of Geneva. This scenic drive is both breathtaking and overwhelming with so many beautiful vistas.

From Uetikon to Montreux we used the highways. From there on we only drove on country roads until home again. Starting our tour around Lake Geneva in south westerly direction, we soon entered France and stopped in Evian to have a coffee and stretch our legs. The promenade is stunning and perfectly manicured. Refreshed, we continued to Yvoire. This medieval bourg, ideally situated on the expanse separating the ‘little lake’ from the ‘big lake’, still possesses some of the essential elements of the fortification of the 14th century. Known as a modest fishing village at the beginning of the century, Yvoire is now ranked as one of the international laureates of floral decorations, considered one of the most beautiful villages of France. This medieval city celebrated its 700 year anniversary in 2006.

We continued our drive along the southern shore of Lake Geneva and re-entered Switzerland long before passing through the city of Geneva. Not stopping in this multicultural and interestingcity this time – it requires a visit by itself – we took the Route de Vignoble to the village of Chexbres, all the while enjoying the northern shore on the Swiss side of this gorgeous lake. In Chexbres we stayed overnight in a lovely old hotel with spectacular panoramic views over vineyards and lake.

The next morning, under blue sky and glorious sun, we continued to the stunning medieval town of Gruyère. Set on a hill with a castle and charm all its own, we enjoyed some of the specialty cheese dishes this area is famous for. Eating our lunch in the garden of the restaurant, we were treated to an Alphorn medley and flag swinging which we captured on our cell phone. On the way home we encountered a bonus surprise. In the Canton Fribourg, before crossing over the Jaun pass, we happened upon a truly marvellous Alpabzug which we also filmed.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. We would recommend the lake- and countryside with its majestic landscape, punctuated with medieval towns to anyone who enjoys an interesting, beautiful and relaxing drive.

Do you have any feedback or details to add to Sandra’s story? Have you driven a similar route around Lake Geneva? Please share your experience and leave a comment below!

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Sandra’s video in the town of Gruyère and the unexpected Alpabzug they encountered in Fribourg


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