Pegasus Zürich where Easter bunnies & Santas rendez-vous

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April weather reigns as the city of Zürich prepares for the traditional spring festival of Sechseläuten, while the pink and white cherry trees are in full bloom. If you’re lucky and listen closely, you can hear a short whistle throughout the land. The Easter bunny is hurrying through the bushes at this time, dropping off colorful items here and there. And especially so at Pegasus Zürich.

Pegasus Zürich

In this charming store in Zürich’s old town, Mina Arnold sells unique home decor items for all seasons with much passion and a discerning eye. You won’t find ‘made in China’ at Augustinergasse 16, but traditionally crafted items from Switzerland and the traditions throughout Europe.

Such as life size papier maché bunnies at Easter and old-fashioned Santas at Christmas, crafted in a secret one-hundred-year-old recipe that would never have you guess the material!

Hand painted pewter figurines in a myriad of seasonal themes, delightful brooches from Paris, gilded photo frames to stand or hang, colorful paper stickers from yesteryear which are displayed on top of rustic furniture together with beautiful china and candleholders. Changing with the seasons are collectors items in a special display case and an entire store section is permanently dedicated to the current collection of Steiff plush animals.

In the winter time, the store shines with the most wonderful assortment of delicately blown Christmas ornaments, hand painted in traditional European fashion.

“I’ve started Pegasus in 1988 to celebrate the joy of life and because I was fascinated by beautifully crafted items. I wanted to share that enchantment with others and inspire their creativity,” says Mina Arnold with a smile. She can frequently be met at the store and is happy to share her vast knowledge of the origin and traditions of the many different items at her store.

At any time of the year, a visit at Pegasus Zürich is candy for the eyes and a happy trip down memory lane, no matter what the age. You are guaranteed to find the extra special item you will treasure and enjoy for a long time to come.

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Pegasus Zurich
Pegasus Zurich
Pegasus Zürich
Pegasus Zurich

From top to bottom: Wooden eggs made from all varieties of wood grown in Switzerland; hand-painted goose egg; hand painted pewter figurine; goose egg decorated with paper.


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