Luzern B&Bs: Idyllic Baroque house for two

November 17, 2016 — No comments

It’s easy to fall in love with this little baroque house which has everything you could possibly want cleverly laid out, plus tons of atmosphere! This holiday rental home is popular with musicians from all over the world who perform at the Lucerne Music Festival.

The larger of the two buildings was built first, around three hundred years ago. The records are sketchy and few, but it seems to have been built as a farmhouse, but then used as a customs inspection building. The smaller house in front was erected a short time later and is recorded as having served as a pleasure pavilion. There are no accounts what went on in the pleasure pavilion! From historical building records it is known that the interior walls of the pavilion were completely painted. During renovations, the current property owners, architect couple Karin and Martin Simmen, found one single painting of a small, pretty woman’s head on the wall, before it fell prey to humidity just prior to the start of renovations.

After many hours of research and in painstaking reconstruction, the architect owners restored the small building according to original paintings and the few available documents. The interior is cozily decorated in a combination of natural materials and will amaze you with its creative and fun layout. Everything you need is supplied with European ingenuity: a treasure of a kitchen with all the gadgets; a small, but complete bathroom, tucked away from the living area; a very comfortable double bed with an additional loft overtop of the bathroom; a table for two; plenty of storage space and a wall TV. It has great appeal in its simplicity. For a short holiday or a weekend get-away, isn’t that what we all could use more of in our lives? The little baroque house for two is very popular, so make your inquiries early when you visit the beautiful city of Lucerne. You can email the owners at

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Idyllic Baroque House for two


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