Waldhaus Sils – superb five star hotel

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Hotel Waldhaus Sils

Do you appreciate old world quality, comfort, service and charm?

Then you will return to stay at hotel Waldhaus Sils time and again.

The video is a perfect rendition of what the atmosphere is like at this five star hotel, owned and managed by the same Swiss family for over a century. A hotel where most guests return the loyalty by taking their own families for a stay every year, many of them in the third generation by now!

At Waldhaus Sils, staff stays on for years as well. Highly qualified and expertly skilled, the distinguishing hallmark, however, is how unerringly the perfect note between exceptional service, individual attention, and sincere interest is found. Can this be trained or does it come from inherent love of what one does?

Arriving guests are warmly welcomed by Director and staff, and from busboy to Maître’d everyone remembers your name at all times. It may be the closest experience to ‘Downton Abbey’ you may find, but at the very minimum it will be a thoroughly enjoyable guest-service experience!

Location, care and natural beauty

Perched on a hill in the valley of Upper Engiadina nestled between Lake Sils and Lake Silvaplana, every room opens to glorious views down the valley, framed by majestic mountains.

In summer the glimmering lake and expansive greens; in winter a truly magic winter wonderland, and inside – at any time of year – all the creature comforts you could desire.

Experience the Waldhaus Sils and its many delightful surprises – it will work magic on you, and you might just find yourself starting a new family tradition!

Waldhaus Sils

If you’ve ever stayed at the Waldhaus in Sils, please share your experience and leave a comment below.  

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Photos: Hotel Waldhaus Sils

Fifth Generation Family Hotel

Waldhaus Sils
Waldhaus Sils

Hotel Waldhaus Sils surrounding area

Waldhaus Sils
Waldhaus Sils
Waldhaus Sils


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