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Very unique Easter tradition in Ferden/VS

Based on a 13th century legend, young and old in the gorgeous alpine village Ferden work together to make their summer's alp milk into tangy Ziger cheese at Easter. >

Swiss Easter traditions - old & new

Swiss Easter traditions are many. Some established ones and some innovative new ones. Check out the blue-egg-swim in lake Greifensee, the revived musical practice of Chlefele in Schwyz, or the raw egg competition in Basel. >

Pegasus Zürich where Easter bunnies & Santas rendez-vous

Pegasus Zürich - hidden in the old town, just steps from famous Bahnhofstrasse, lies an enchanting store that delights your senses, gives wings to your imagination and beautifies your home. Mina Arnold selects unique home decor for all seasons with passion, love and a discerning eye. >

Sent, Ftan, Guarda & Schellen-Ursli

Three picturesque villages located high above the river Inn on a sunny terrasse. Hearty locals living in thick-walled stone houses adorned with artistic graffiti. Birthplace of beloved "Schellen-Ursli" story & a region that captivates visitors. >

Of tree stands & Christmas mice

Of tree stands and Christmas mice - A modern-day Swiss Christmas story >
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Santa traditions in Switzerland

At the beginning of December, Santa and his helper Schmutzli move into a small cottage by the forest pond. Children can visit Santa in person here. They can also phone, write, or WhatsUp Santa! >
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Swiss Christmas traditions

Little hands eagerly await the month of December to open the first of 24 paper windows on their Advent calendar. December 6, St. Nicholas arrives with his donkey with Grittibänz, mandarins and chocolates, and, Christmas Eve, December 24, is when Christmas is celebrated in Switzerland. >

Start your backyard composting this fall

Fall is a great time of year to start backyard composting! The leaves get you started on the right track to find composting a fun and satisfying activity. >

Wild mushroom foraging in the Pacific Northwest

Take a wild mushroom foraging walk. With renowned author, chef & wild food expert Bill Jones on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. One of the planet's best mushroom growing areas. >

Quality olive oil - a Croatian grower's tips

Croatia is emerging as one of the best olive-growing regions in the world, winning more gold medals at international olive oil competitions every year. Tips from a grower on how to buy best quality olive oil. >

Experience Croatia with Silvia

With nearly 1,200 islands and 4,000+ kilometers combined coastline, Croatia is a ocean paradise pure that also offers tremendous history & culture from centuries of being at the crossroads of east and west, central Europe and the southern tip of the Mediterranean. >

Vitra Design Campus: fun, funky, functional furniture

You may not recognize the name Vitra Design Campus, but you may well be sitting on one of their chairs or use some of their other furniture right now! >
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Berger bell foundry Bärau

Anno 1730, King Henry VIII weds his 6th wife; Johann Sebastian Bach composes 'coffee shop music' for the Leipzig Café Zimmermann; and Farmer Berger starts to cast bells on his picturesque Bernese Oberland farm. King Henry & the Bachs are gone, but Berger bells are cast in Bärau to this day! >

Brunni-Bahnen Engelberg - unbound nature experience

Summer and winter activities' galore, Brunni-Bahnen Engelberg's other dazzling experience is the open-air chair lift, sweeping visitors into a Alpine panorama en-plain-air. >
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Water Castle Hallwyl: opera under the stars

A romantic, medieval courtyard under twinkling stars on a warm summer's night; Rossini's passionate music performed by professional players who make you chuckle & openly laugh over the funny libretto - voilà: Opera Castle Hallwyl! >
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World's largest Swiss flag

6,400 square meters of Swiss flag are mounted by a team of expert avalanche control climbers on a vertical cliff of Mount Säntis (elev. 2,500 m), just in time for Switzerland's National Day on August 1. >

Swiss Armed Forces at 4 Day March, Nijmegen/NL

A sense of personal achievement, camaraderie and community spirit are some of the reasons why voluntary Swiss Armed Forces personnel return every summer to participate in the world's largest marching event. >

Amsterdam unique sightseeing tips

Quirky hotels, fashionable & funky eateries, the must-see Rijksmuseum plus a fun new way to stay overnight in Amsterdam. >

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about-silvia Welcome, and Grüezi! Switzerland, my native country, is the main focus of travel for this guide. Slowly, a few other destinations are added. Whatever the country, when I write, my cat Sari supervises me.   More about Silvia, Sari & Swiss Wanderlust »


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