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Vent Negru: traditional folk music from the Ticino (sound samples)

The rugged, untamed Valle Onsernone is a magical place. Through centuries, the people living in this remote alpine area have made music as powerful as their landscape. When Vent Negru plays it, it stirs your soul and touches your heart. >

A drive around Lake Geneva, by guest writer Sandra Grote

At the end of September, we set out on a tour around the Lake of Geneva. It could not have been better weather; - we drove the whole time with the top down - yahoo! >

When in Zürich, visit St. Peter's Church

Zürich's history is intimately intertwined with St. Peter's, dating back to the 9th century. Famous for Europe's largest clock face - the minute hand jumps nearly 50 centimetres with each move - there are many lesser known "firsts" this amazing church has to boast. >
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Schweiz-Amerikaner als Rütli Wirt

(German.) Mike McCardell, der 37-jährige Doppelbürger hat den Sturm im Wasserglas als neuer Wirt auf dem Rütli bestens überstanden. Und dazu noch eine Herde Schottischer Hochlandrinder auf der Rütliwiese eingeführt! >

COOP oder die Liebe geht halt doch durch den Magen (mit nostalgischen TV Spots)

(German.) Ernst Teigwaren - SoSo Biskuits - Cenovis und Biostraht. Erinnert Ihr Euch? Und an die damaligen Fernseh-Werbespots dazu? Ein Streifzug durch den COOP Einkaufskorb von gestern und die Erinnerungen, die er wach ruft. >
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Brissago Islands, Lago Maggiore: legacy of a Russian Princess

How about an around-the-world trip on a sub-tropical island paradise, followed by tea at an elegant palazzo? Eccentric Baronesse Antoinette Fleming-St. Léger and the mild climate in the Ticino make it possible. >

Esther Gerber's paper scissor cuts (with videos)

A centuries old Swiss tradition practiced today in an Emmental farmhouse. Look over this talented artist's shoulders and watch the magic of how Esther Gerber's paper scissor cuts take shape. >

Lake Lucerne, Brunnen: Royal approval of the Area for the Swiss abroad

Queen Victoria hit the nail on the head when she wrote: "The lake itself, that wonderful colour - varying from sapphire blue to emerald green - it’s too glorious.” Read here what Her Royal Higness was referring to. >

Beautifully restored Fischingen Abbey. Two worlds under one roof

A stunningly restored baroque abbey, church and medicinal garden which is home to a Benedictine monk community, and at the same time features a lovely hotel, restaurant, an abbey carpentry of repute as well as the "Pilgrim" craft brewery. >
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So war mein Visp, von Gastautorin Wal Baur

(German.) Seit 18 Jahren lebt Wal Baur in Südkalifornien. Sie ist im Wallis aufgewachsen, aber bald hat es sie in alle Himmelsrichtungen verschlagen. Hier berichtet Wal über in Zuckerwasser getränkte Lockenwickler, einen schwerhörigen Kaplan und vieles mehr aus ihren Jugendjahren in Visp. >
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Scenic drive bypassing the Gotthard tunnel

Three different languages, two mountain passes and a superb 14 points Gault Millau meal, all in the space of less than five hours. A super interesting panoramic drive, crossing Switzerland from north-south. >

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