Amsterdam one-house-bridge-hotels

Amsterdam One-House-Bridge-Hotels

(Photos by Mirjam Bleeker, courtesy of SWEETS hotel)

Experience Amsterdam through the eyes of a Bridge Keeper!

Distributed throughout the city of Amsterdam across the Amstel river and the Singel, small houses with panoramic views of water and surroundings are perched on the bridges.

For 100 years, Amsterdam’s bridge houses accommodated the city’s many bridge keepers who were responsible for opening these impressive structures for passing boat traffic. However, with the introduction of a centralised bridge control system, the bridge houses became redundant.

In 2012 the initiators of Sweets hotel presented a plan to the city of Amsterdam to transform the city’s bridge houses into tiny hotel suites. The vision: to introduce travellers to new neighbourhoods and unexpected experiences in the city.

First initiated in 2012 as an urban space project, it is five years in the making. 11 bridge houses are currently available for reservations with more coming soon.

Perfect for just two people, the houses exude a feeling of old world charm as the first bridge house was built 100+ years ago with subsequent ones spanning several different periods reflecting Amsterdam architectural trends of the time.

Unique views of Amsterdam

Some bridge houses are national monuments. Some are in the middle of a bustling intersection. Others are set against a quiet neighbourhood lake. One was built in conjunction with small kiosks selling newspapers, cigarettes and snacks to passers-by on the water and on land. All have inspiring views of the canals.

During your next trip to Amsterdam, experience this vibrant city through these amazing local icons. Amsterdam one-house-bridge-hotels can only be booked through Sweets hotel via their online link. You won’t find them on any online reservation/booking website. Enjoy!

Be sure to leave a comment  once you’ve stayed in one of the bridge houses and we can compare notes! I felt like a castle mistress at the Gerben Wagenaarbrug! You need good knees for this one as bedroom, washroom and kitchen are distributed over three different floors, connected by steep stairs. Fantastic views and a nice park with lots of cyclists to observe.

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Amsterdam one-house-bridge-hotels
Amsterdam one-house-bridge-hotels
Amsterdam one-house-bridge-hotels

Above photos Silvia Schoch


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