Four highly recommended Swiss films

February 3, 2018 — No comments

“Die vierte Gewalt” (Swiss Documentary) – 100min.

Swiss German with French subtitles. Not yet available in English.

Newly released in cinemas across Switzerland and already highly acclaimed. Dieter Fahrer’s documentary demonstrates impeccable journalism and top research skills as he investigates four different Swiss media as the world of reporting and journalism undergoes major changes.

Extremely timely per the “No-Billag” referendum in March 2018 which aims to eliminate all tax support to public Swiss broadcasting, and per the media discussions world-wide. I wouldn’t be surprised if an English version would be released in the near future.

“The Divine Order” – 1hr 36 min.

In English. Original title “Die göttliche Ordnung” in Swiss. Available on Netflix.

Set in the Switzerland of 1971 when women were still denied the right to vote, dutiful housewife Nora (Marie Leuenberger) is forbidden by her husband to take a part-time job. Her frustration leads to her single-handedly starting the suffragette movement in her rural hometown. Loosing and winning friends, through drama, humor, humiliation and the potential to end her marriage, Nora refuses to back down. Honest yet uplifting, the film by Swiss Director Petra Volpe won “Best Swiss Film 2017” Award by the Society of Swiss Film Journalists, and “Audience Award for Best Narrative Film” at the Tribeca Film Festival.

“My Life as a Courgette”, Animated Movie – 66 min.

In English. Original Title: “Ma vie de Courgette” in French; 66min. The English version can be viewed under standard You Tube licence released by FIFEMA. Also on Netflix.

This animated movie is exquisitely filmed in stop-motion rather than computer graphics by Swiss film maker Claude Barras. The story cuts right to the heart as it follows a young boy who is sent to a foster home after losing his mother. In the community with other orphans his age, he begins to learn the meaning of trust and true love. This not-to-be-missed film won numerous Awards including “Best Animated Feature Film” by the European Film Award.

“Die letzte Pointe” – 90 min., Swiss-German

Not available in English. Currently in Swiss movie theatres.

Monica Gubser, 86, plays 89 year old Gertrud Forster who – quite energetic, sprightly and  independent – begins to think she’s on the verge of dementia when she doesn’t remember the date with good looking gentleman George standing in her door with a bouquet of flowers. In conjunction with other forgetfulness she begins to become aware of, Gertrud is jolted to her core, contemplating drastic measures.

Well-known Swiss film maker Rolf Lyssy, 81, (Die Schweizermacher), delivers with sensitivity and humor a charming, slightly old-fashioned and positive film around the poles of  “active seniors and self-determined ending of life around which the discussion of aging centers,” according to Lyssy, in Switzerland.

Have you watched any of these movies or another one that you would like to recommend? Please share and leave your comment below. Thank you.

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