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Have you ever visited a place in Switzerland and couldn’t get yourself away from it? Experienced a surprise moment that resulted in laughter or a great insight? Do you have a travel tip you want to share with others or great memories of what Switzerland was like in past days?

Then you, dear traveller living in- or outside of Switzerland, have a story. And I want to hear it, and possibly publish it. To share your story related to Switzerland, please complete the form below, or email me at

Some guidelines:

Content: Story should relate to travel in Switzerland in some way. Adventure tales, trips down memory lane, anecdotes, sobering reality checks, funny stories, travel tips, etc.

Format: First person, second person, third person. Ideally around 500 words. If you have pictures, please send them in .jpg format.

Consent: Has this story or picture ever been published? If so, please let me know where, I’d like to give proper credit.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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