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Start your backyard composting this fall

Fall is a great time of year to start backyard composting! The leaves get you started on the right track to find composting a fun and satisfying activity. >

Wild mushroom foraging in the Pacific Northwest

Take a wild mushroom foraging walk. With renowned author, chef & wild food expert Bill Jones on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. One of the planet's best mushroom growing areas. >

Quality olive oil - a Croatian grower's tips

Croatia is emerging as one of the best olive-growing regions in the world, winning more gold medals at international olive oil competitions every year. Tips from a grower on how to buy best quality olive oil. >

Experience Croatia with Silvia

With nearly 1,200 islands and 4,000+ kilometers combined coastline, Croatia is a ocean paradise pure that also offers tremendous history & culture from centuries of being at the crossroads of east and west, central Europe and the southern tip of the Mediterranean. >

Swiss Armed Forces at 4 Day March, Nijmegen/NL

A sense of personal achievement, camaraderie and community spirit are some of the reasons why voluntary Swiss Armed Forces personnel return every summer to participate in the world's largest marching event. >

Amsterdam unique sightseeing tips

Quirky hotels, fashionable & funky eateries, the must-see Rijksmuseum plus a fun new way to stay overnight in Amsterdam. >

Amsterdam one-house-bridge-hotels

Experience Amsterdam like a local: the city's former bridge-masters homes overlooking the canals have been turned into unique, character mini-suite hotels. A fun way to spend the night! >

About Swiss Wanderlust

about-silvia Welcome, and Grüezi! Switzerland, my native country, is the main focus of travel for this guide. Slowly, a few other destinations are added. Whatever the country, when I write, my cat Sari supervises me.   More about Silvia, Sari & Swiss Wanderlust »


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